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Web Sites, Content Management System, Communication System, Information Dissemination Portal and many more.

Open Learning

IECIT envisages an Expanded Open Learning Platform for Aspirants.

Live Project

The team is working upon several Live Projects and also seek involvement of experts from various fields of experiences.

Development Initiatives

We also encourage development activities taken up by different groups of the community.

IECIT offers Information Updates to be utilized by aspirants.

Web enabled learning, participatory learning and many more aspects covered up in this initiative. Feel freee to , Interact and enrich your level of knowledge.

IECIT Portal

IECIT manages an Expanded and enriched Information Sharing Corner for enthusiasts and aspirants.

An Elaborated Collection

The team is maintaining an Elaborated Collection of facts and figures from various fields of knowledge.

Knowledge Banking

A competent leadership is still working to enrich the Knowledge Base of participant scholars and aspirants.

We promote innovative ideas of Aspirants.

Live Projects, Collective Efforts of all types, Individual Activities , through evaluating and promoting all such initiatives. of participant Scholars.

Be Progressive

IECIT encourages Innovative Efforts of all kinds through promotional schemes and different projects.

Get Enriched

With a clear understanding we came to a standpoint that Yoga and Meditation has become an integral part of our Daily Life for retaining our efficiency and potential.

Introduce Yourself

At all instances of our life we keep ourselves Conscious enough to develop ourselves upto that extent when we find ourselves copmetent enough for tackling all kinds of challenges.

We keep ourselves Updated

Become a regular visitor of the website for getting , acquainted with the updates and new releases.

Technology Hub

IECIT offers an Open Learning Platform to participant students aspiring for advanced studies.

Self Improvement

It would be better if you Improve your Vocabulary and linguistic skills alongside the involvement with subject experts from various fields of knowledge.

Enriched Digitally

We are maintaining an enriched database of materials from different thenmatic areas of daily life. Even you can contribute by submitting your creations to be utilized by the fellow students and aspirants.

Absolute involvement in the Project Activity.

It determines the amount and intensity of success we witness during implementation of varying activities. Computer Aided Learning is one of such innovative and Research based initiatives

Library Automation

An example of a Complete Digital Solution, that we call an absolute automation supplemented with Data Banking....

Open Learning

an Open and ever expanding learning platform for Aspirants...

Participatory Projects

Wider application strata opened up the horizon of collaboration with different active members of society.

Support Services

Looking beyond the scope of the institutional activity for extending support services for people in need.

Explore Yourself

Organisation is offering a wider platform of Participation for enabling pople to explore their aspirations.

Skill Enhancement

Skill Enhancement initiatives for facilitating the improvement of the standard of living of people.

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