Research and Innovation performed by the fellow members on different aspects availed here.

  • Exploring Dr. J. C. Kumarappa Chandan Sengupta

    Works of exploring good and fruitful economic practices, promoting and guiding industrial innovations, developing production strategies on the basis of locally available resources and preparing the Closed User Group having capabilities of working upon the developed economic practices moved on in a different way to make the effort a well decorated as well as compartmentalized initiatives under the government patronage. A great mission of economic revival became merely a routine practices.

  • Reaching The Destiny

    The class difference between rich and poor, learned and illiterate, village folks and urban go getters increasing to a considerable amount day by day because of differently projected access of people to facilities like education, basic amenities, health services and financial support. People involved in Agriculture and off farm un-organized services consider themselves adequately insecure in terms of financial gains, and because of this reason neo literates start migrating toward urban settlement in search of a better living.

  • The cow in our economy

    When we use the cow and cattle wealth as helpers in our production there is a natural limit to the quantity of production in comparison to the state of affairs that ensues when coal or other such resources of power are utilized, on the expenditure of which there can be no natural limit. Thus the self-sufficiency or the measures of it which is attainable in a cow economy is distorted and disturbed when we depart from it. When the quantity of produce increases, markets are to be sought for it. Europe’s hunt for the markets in the last two centuries was motivated by this economic factor; thus as soon as man changed over from animal economy to power economy violence became necessary. They fought with each other for markets. The result was the first World War - when the countries depending upon the coal economy fought with each other for the market areas.

  • Vision of Empowered Village

     It is information that is flooded ceaselessly through several electronic media without experiencing any sort of obstacles at both National and International boundaries. If we start searching any information about Integrated Pest Management, millions of pages will be populated from different sources remaining linked through the largest network of the world.