IECIT Initiatives

IECIT: Be Progressive

Institute of Education Communication and Information Technology is an organization of its own kind working in the field of Information Technology since inception. The team members of the organization made it possible for aspiring the progressive trend in the system implements through partner organisations.

Some of the major areas of intervention are as follows:


1.       Website designing and hosting.
2.       Library Automation.
3.       Office Automation.
4.       Development of Teaching Learning Aids, Self Study Materials, Training Manuals and other related kits as per            the need of aspirants.
5.       Language Laboratory System Integration and Implements.
6.       Office Accounting
7.       E Learning.. a self paced automated learning system.
8.       Research and Innovation in the field of Informatics and Education.
9.       Publications for promoting Continuing and Progressive Education.
10.   Support Services of Academic as well as Technical type.
11.   Organisational Development through technology intervention.
12.   On Demand Services for Development Organisations as well as for Business houses.


 Some other areas of service lineup will be incorporated in forthcoming days on the basis of the Research findings duly obtained from the Research and Innovation desk.