Library Automation

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        Extended Services for Open Source Solution

 IECIT E Library is an Digitally Integrated Library System (DILS). It is web-based multilingual Integrated Library System to cater to the automation needs of medium to large libraries around the world.

IECIT E Library  satisfies all the functional requirements of a library management system. It is full-featured

MARC based integrated library system and is customized to cater to the needs of libraries.


Features of IECIT E Library

  • MARC 21compatible
  • 50 search
  • MARC Import/Exports
  • Multilingual Web OPAC
  • Comprehensive advance search
  • Flexibility to customize according to your library needs
  • Printing functions for barcode labels, and reports
  • Virtual Book Shelf
  • Barcode and spine label printing
  • Copy Cataloguing
  • Branch Libraries Management and Items transfers
  • Budget Management
  • Customizable Data Entry Sheet
  • No platform dependence. It can run on Linux, Windows etc. IECIT E Library uses MySQL as backend RDBMS and Apache Web server (supporting softwares are also open source).





  • Multilingual Web OPAC
  • Cataloguing
  • Patron Management
  • Acquisition
  • Circulation
  • Authorities Control
  • Reports
  • Extended Support Services



Why IECIT E Library ?


       Full-featured ILS. In use worldwide in libraries of all sizes, IECIT E Library  is a true enterprise-class ILS with comprehensive functionality including basic and advanced options. IECIT E Library  includes modules for circulation, cataloguing, acquisitions, serials, reservation, user management, branch relationships and


Dual Database Design.  IECIT E Library  uses a dual database design that utilizes the strengths of the two major industry-standard database types (text-based and RDBMS). This design feature ensures that IECIT E Library  is scalable enough to meet the transaction load of any library, no matter what the size.


Library Standards Compliant. IECIT E Library  is built using library standards and protocols that ensure interoperatability between IECIT E Library  and other systems and technologies, while supporting existing workflows and tools.


Web-based Interfaces. IECIT E Library ’s OPAC, circulation management and self-checkout interfaces are all based on standards compliant World Wide Web technologies­­­­­—XHTML, CSS and Javascript making IECIT E Library  a truly platform-independent solution. Modulated Search engine enables user to go for search by categories.



Minimum Hardware, Software and Manpower Requirements for IECIT E Library  Implementation in a DELNET Member Library


 Hardware Requirement:

Processor     Pentium-4, 2.6 GHz or higher

RAM             2 GB

HDD            80 GB

DVD Drive

Software Requirement:  

                                          Windows XP (Service pack 2 or 3) or higher for installation of IECIT E Library  on



Any flavor of Linux operating system (Ubuntu, Centos, Fedora) for

installation on Linux.


Manpower: The professionals having expertise in Linux operating system and knowledge of Local

                      Area Network (LAN).



Internet Configuration: A high speed dedicated Internet link.




Technical Support


Web Admin will be pleased to offer the technical support to libraries for installation, maintenance, customization, database migration, work support etc. at a subsidised charge.


Team members Provide


  • Training: Training can be provided online as well as onsite.
  • Installation: Installation can be on windows and Linux remotely as well as onsite installation. For remote installation fresh Operating System will be installed with teamviewer.


Product Description

Includes Installation, Setup, Two day Training and Preliminary Automation Assistance.


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